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Britax 2017 B-Agile/B-Safe 35 Travel System, Black

The Britax 2017 B-Agile 3 / B-Safe 35 Travel System is available in 5 colors i.e. Black, Meadow, Red, Cyan, and Steel. Priced at $307.99, this product maintains the baby’s safety and protection. The name of this product may confuse some of the new parents. But don’t get confused and be assured of the fact that it is actually a single travel system by Britax. This product is a revised version of the Britax 2016 B-Agile 3 / B-Safe 35 travel system and they made it cost efficient this time.
This system is very easy to setup; you won’t need to head to your workshop for the endless number of tools while going through the directions. It’s just about stretching the front wheels and then the attachment of the rear wheels and at last spreading out the canopy.


  • The Side Impact Protection of the B-Safe 35 acts as a shield for your child, because it is a deep foam lined shell.
  • The safe Center Latch Installation system in the B-Safe 35 is very quick and easy. One just has to center pull the straps that tightens very quickly.
  • To minimize side movement of your kid, this may tend to hurt the little one. The contour shell of the B- safe 35 takes up very little space, thus maximizing protection.
  • While travelling the system rolls over many rough patches on the street; thus to avoid the rough force of collisions the impact absorb base compresses in such situations.
  • The base is easy to set up in car’s and one really doesn’t need to attend the car seat safety session for installation tutorial for this.
  • The shades of the stroller offer full coverage to the baby in sunny , windy or rainy days.
  • The tires being larger than their other counter parts have a bigger coverage and cover a larger area when traveling.
  • The front tires are aligned very narrowly and this provides sharp turnings in small openings as well and thus avoid bumping.
  • There is also an option for a see through window, from where you can monitor your baby.
  • The one hand fold design of B- Agile helps in closing the stroller in seconds and thus makes the system hassle free.
  • The lightweight aluminum frame makes the B- Agile easy to carry.
  • The Click and Go system of the B-Agile travel system is very compatible and easy to assemble with any Britax Car for kids.
  • Its 3 wheel configuration provides an ultra tight turning radius and thus helps in making sharp turns


  • This model is said to have a non- movable handle, when folded completely. The handle touches the floor when made to stand in an upright position.
  • This model doesn’t have a foot rest for the baby; well a new born baby would not need it as such but still, who doesn’t want an added advantage?

Customers Review

Customers find this product very alluring for their little ones. Many have bought it as a gift for baby showers. This is generally ordered as a pre motherhood gift for the future mothers
and stands out to be the perfect stroller for the mother as well as the kid.
The one button release functionality is something in the stroller which makes it very easy for the stroller to access the product. Mothers are also happy about the narrowly placed front wheels which lessen bumping, thus helping them to make sharp turns.  And they don’t have to do a space shift before turning the corners of the foot walks.

As the maximum weight recommendation for this product is 55 pounds, the parents don’t generally need to buy another stroller for their grown up toddler. This stroller can bear the weight of the kid for almost 6 months of age.
Parents appreciate the black color of this stroller for their kids. Customers appreciate the strength of this stroller as every Britax product has always been sturdy and very safe as well. They generally rate these product 5 stars considering its safety and folding compatibility which makes it very easy for the mothers as well. Other things to look for in this product are its stability and its large turning radius which allows for super sharp turn around the corners.
Some customers, who go out to work or shopping with their kid by the stroller, appreciate the large storage basket beneath the seat.

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