Best Travel System Strollers

Eight Best Travel System Strollers

The Best Travel System Strollers

Best Travel System Strollers

Taking the child out for the first time is always a special moment for new parents – a moment of intimate ecstasy and joy. Taking out a healthy child out for fresh air, or change of pace is both perfectly normal. And in the case of working parents or any parents who have to go out when the child is still very young, taking the little guy/gal out becomes a necessity. Who would ever want to leave that bundle of joy behind Best Travel System Strollers ?

It is also only natural that the new parents would be nervous, worried and overly watchful during these rides. The child is the most precious cargo you can ever carry, and it is just normal that parents would do anything to keep it healthy and safe. Experts say that preparing for the ride becomes absolutely necessary here. Whether you’re taking your child out for a walk, visit a pediatrician, go to the church, or for a long drive, specific preparations have to be made.

Your ultimate objective is to keep the baby safe and comfortable. While you might think that cradling your baby all along is the best option, it isn’t. It becomes strenuous for the parent, and uncomfortable for the child after a while. Next comes the questions of carriers – wraps and slings, which are not really different. Yes, it does help the parent free their arms, but they still have to carry the child all the time, which isn’t that comfortable. Some wraps can also be pretty tight, which the baby might not like.

Why use Strollers?

In this situation, most parent would want an alternative. An alternative that is comfortable, convenient and also fits their budget. This is where the stroller comes in. If you are a set of parents that go out frequently, it is hard to imagine life without a stroller.

As your baby grows older, his/her curiosity for the things outside – the sights, sounds, and the smell will grow too. Moreover, this is the time when the baby develops head and neck control, which requires that he/she gets a proper reclining support. At this point, you’ll realize how important the extra bit of mobility offered by a stroller is.

Best Travel System Strollers Comparison Table

Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller, Black
Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Baby Travel System, Gotham
Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 Travel System, Hounds Tooth
Britax 2017 B-Agile/B-Safe 35 Travel System, Black
41 x 8.8 x 10 inches
40 x 24 x 42 inches
34.6 x 23.6 x 42.1 inches
38.5 x 23 x 40.5 inches
15.9 pounds
38 pounds
36 pounds
28 pounds
Price: $$
Price: $$
Price: $$
Price: $$
Graco Aire3 Click Connect Travel System, Gotham
Evenflo Vive Travel System with Embrace, Spearmint Spree
Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System, Millennium
Graco FastAction Fold Click Connect Travel System, Affinia 2015
37 x 24 x 40 inches
35.8 x 20.9 x 41.7 inches
48.2 x 22.5 x 44.8 inches
33.5 x 22.5 x 39.5 inches
29 pounds
29.8 pounds
41.5 pounds
30 pounds
Price: $$
Price: $$
Price: $$
Price: $$

Best Travel System Strollers – Buying Guide 2017

You don’t have to spend a fortune to buy a good stroller. They have always been a popular baby gift for this reason. But buying a stroller nowadays aren’t that straightforward. Earlier, you just went to the market and pick up a stroller that rolled forward perfectly. But at this present market, picking up a stroller like that would be a blunder.

Apart from the primary considerations – the material used, the styling, and the functions, there are numerous other factors that should decide your choice of a stroller. Companies are trying to innovate, and include features that mean important things to your little one.

Your basic choices include the full-sized strollers, the umbrella strollers, the universal strollers or the travel system strollers. This sounds complicated and it is, especially if your baby is going to spend a lot of time on the stroller, it needs to be a perfect match.

Why travel system strollers?

Most first-time parents tend to go with this option. This is actually a combo of an infant car seat (which can be attached to the stroller), a car-seat base and a stroller (and also a carrycot). The advantage of this ‘system’ is that the stroller and the car seats are complimentary to each other and fits with each other perfectly, which means you can get your baby from your car to the stroller and back to your car without even waking him up!

One of the main problems with most strollers tend to be long term usability. The stroller you find comfortable, lightweight, with reclining seat when your child is a couple of months old may not be comfortable at all when he/she is a year old.

Travel system strollers tend to solve this problem. The system is designed with such foresightedness, that it actually grows with your child. For example, when they are very young, the carrycot and the car seat can be their best match. Once, they are a bit older, the stroller seat can be used without the carrycot. These baby travel systems are a bit costlier than average strollers but promise a long term usability.

Best Travel System Strollers

These strollers also take care of the reclining aspect, which comes handy when the baby doesn’t have the muscle development to sit up on his own. The recliner is ideally adjustable so when your baby is ready to sit up, this recliner can be adjusted accordingly.

Considering all aspects of comfort, convenience, and budget, buying the best travel system stroller isn’t entirely easy. Especially with all manufacturers adding new features to stay ahead of the curve, this decision can be confusing. Keeping that in mind, we’ve prepared the following list that should help new parents select a travel stroller which is best suited for their purpose.

1. Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller, Black

Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller, Black

When you’re searching on Amazon for a stroller in general, chances are high that Summer Infant 3Dlite Stroller will top the search results. This travel system stroller is so popular, and has performed so convincingly over time, that it has this tag of Amazon’s choice. Moreover, more than 1700 positive reviews perhaps speak loudly about its quality.

Some of the features which has made it one of the favourites for new parents is its high weight limit, which means your baby can enjoy the better part of his sweet infancy in this one stroller; the deep recline, which can support the baby when he/she’s learning to sit up or when he/she’s napping or when you need to change the diapers; lightweight aluminum frame, which makes it an easy to carry stroller and also making it sturdy and durable at the same time; and budget friendly, because new parents have a series of other stuff to take care of and digging a hole in the pocket buying a stroller is certainly not one of them.

The stroller is also very easily foldable. Going out on a vacation, or a picnic was never easier because it fits in your trunk so conveniently, hardly taking up any space. Weighing only about 12 pounds, it is really easy to pull in and out so easily. The deep storage basket is another feature of this stroller that comes handy. You can easily carry something like a diaper bag in this storage. The canopy of the stroller is great. You’ll obviously not want direct sunlight to fall on the child’s face and this canopy is built in such a way that you can simply pop out the visor that is coated with elements that keep out UV rays.

Coming to the performance, the stroller offers a smooth ride. The anti-shock wheels do a great job when during bumpy rides in uneven roads or sidewalks. The rear wheels are lockable, to protect the stroller moving away by accident.

The 5-point recline works as good as it sounds. It ranges from the sit-up position to all the way flat most suitable for a nap (25, 45, 55, 60 degrees to be exact). You’ll have to squeeze the levelers on both sides to recline the seat. Although the one hand recline option is better, this isn’t that big an issue. It can accommodate a child up to 50lbs.

The wheels of this stroller are 6″ in diameter. The front wheels can swivel, but can be locked to straight movement while traveling a rough terrain. However, there are no parking breaks on the wheels and you’ll have to lock them individually. Maneuverability is not the strongest point of this stroller though, and you can experience some unwanted turns in the wheels on rough roads. You wouldn’t call this stroller ideal for such travels, to be honest. This is made for usual traveling around the town, public transit or for running errands with your little one.The Summer Infant 3Dlite is a great travel stroller for everyday use. It is easy to fold and carry and offers a convenient experience on an affordable budget.


✅ Great on the go stroller
✅ Lightweight, easily foldable, easy to carry around
✅ 5 point recline
✅ Smooth performance
✅ Budget friendly


❌ Maneuverability isn’t great, you can experience some unwanted wobbling if you use the stroller on rough roads.
❌ No peek-a-boo in the canopy.



2. Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Baby Travel System, Gotham

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Baby Travel System, Gotham

Graco is, of course, one of the leading manufacturers of baby products. They have been bringing in some quality strollers in the market and the Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect is certainly one of them.

This is one of the strollers where the concept of ‘travel system’ really comes to practice. The Fastaction Click Connect is compatible with ALL Graco Click Connect infant car seats with an easy and secure one-step attachment.

It is one hefty, sturdy system which holds your child until he/she’s 50 pounds and can operate on any terrain, smooth or rough. However, it weighs around 30 pounds which not as lightweight as the previous one in this list but not too heavy either.

If we really go about for the technical classification, this jogger is kind of a crossover between the traditional Graco strollers with all their comfort and convenience, and the performance and maneuverability of an all-terrain jogging stroller.

The stroller has some nice storage space under the seat which is quite easy to access. It is large strap good enough to accommodate an extra-large diaper bag if you don’t mind the wiggling too much. There is also the bin and the cup holder and the stroller is well designed.

Owing to its hefty size, this stroller comes with a rather big seat which is about 19 inch in length and 13 inches in width, allowing plenty of room for your baby to turn or play. It also ensures that you can use this stroller for a long time when the child grows.

The incline on this stroller is fantastic and really easy to use. You just have to push the seat up till it clicks into an upright position. This allows one hand operation. However, to push the seat back to flat napping position you’ll have to squeeze the two bars located on the back of the seat.

The canopy is good and covers adequately. However, the car seat will get you a complete coverage with the presence of its hood. It also has ventilation panels for air circulation on either side. The peek-a-boo window is an added advantage.

Coming to performance and maneuverability, the stroller has good balance and does its job on all terrains. It has air-filled rubber tires which account for a natural suspension system offering a smooth ride. The front one can be swivel-locked while running and the rear ones run smoothly on all terrains. There are also reflectors attached to the wheels for safety during low light conditions. The maneuverability is decent without being too impressive, as is the case with most fixed wheel stroller. It is relatively easy to swivel this while walking.

The car seat compatibility is great and moms have successfully transferred their sleeping babies from the stroller to the car seat without waking them up. Additionally, the stroller offers a great folding option. Pulling on the little handle strap will make it fold itself. There is also an auto lock which would hold the frames in place while the kickstand will make the stroller self-standing.


✅ Travel system compatibility
✅ Good performance even in rough terrains
✅ Nice storage space
✅ Decent balance and suspension
✅ Easily foldable


❌ Not so lightweight, but a hefty system
❌ Maneuverability falters a bit while running


3. Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 Travel System, Hounds Tooth

Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 Travel System, Hounds Tooth

Baby Trend tends to offer maximum utility in an affordable budget. The EZ Ride 5 Travel System stroller is an example of the same. The stroller comes with a very comfortable infant car seat that can accommodate babies from birth up to 50 pounds. The package comes with a fixed back infant car seat with an EZ Flex-Loc stay in base. That’s one 3-wheel stroller with an additional infant car seat, both being complementary. Both the stroller and the car seat comes with 5 point harness. Operating them is easy. You can simply click the car seat into the base, or remove the car seat from the base of your car and click it onto the stroller.

Beginning with comfort, the stroller has some premium padded seat that makes it extremely comfortable for your baby. The pad is thick and delicate. There is also an additional head support that works like a pillow. Altogether, the accommodation space is quite large. The stroller also has multiple reclining positions. However, it doesn’t recline totally flat.

Coming to the built and performance, it is typical of strollers at the $150 price range. It is neither too impressive nor disappointing. The built is decent however it isn’t at far with expensive models. The stroller is 3-wheeled and some parents have had problems in maneuvering. You can expect some jerks on rough terrains.

The two canopies from the car seat and the stroller meet to extend the coverage of the canopy. There is also a peek-a-boo window on top for a quick glance of your little one. The peek-a-boo is also netted and adds to the ventilation aspect if left open. There’s also an option to close this down in the case of direct sunlight.

There is a storage pouch under the stroller seat. However, on reclining it fully, you’ll lose some of the space. The stroller is easy to fold with one hand. After unlocking the lock, you have to squeeze the button on the handle to fold it.


✅ Budget friendly price with all the basic utilities
✅ 5 point harness for security
✅ Multi reclining positions
✅ Comfortable seat with lots of space
✅ Additional infant car seat


❌ Not the greatest built
❌ Some problems with maneuverability




4. Britax 2017 B-Agile/B-Safe 35 Travel System, Black

Britax 2017 B Agile & B Safe 35 Travel System, Black


If you carefully dissect the title, you’ll realize this is a combo of 2 products – B-Agile which is a stroller here, and B-Safe, which is an infant car seat. Britax, which has been a global manufacturer of child care products from as early as 1938, has offered this ‘travel system’ combining the two. The company tends to update their model from time to time and we’ll review the latest build here.

B-Agile, the stroller, is compact and lightweight. It weighs only 18 pounds while it can accommodate up to 55 pounds. B-Safe, the infant car seat, is mostly for infants. It can carry your baby from birth to 35 pounds. However, this discrepancy isn’t really a problem because on average, by he/she’s 35 pounds, he/she’ll probably be able to sit up and not need the car seat anymore.

Britax is well-known for their focus on safety. The SafeCell Impact protection system, which is an impact absorbing base made out of safety components, is an integrated part of this system making it one of the best travel system strollers out there. There is also side impact protection made out of deep foam lined shell to protect your baby from the sides. This, however, cuts down a bit of space. The final width of the seat is 13.5 inches, which should comfortably accommodate the baby. The car seat comes with a steel frame and compressible base which absorbs shock.

Like an ideal travel system, Britax B-Agile B-Safe 35 offers click and go stroller compatibility which allows you to pair the infant seat with your car and transfer it to the stroller when needed. The car seat B-Safe is compatible with any other Britax single stroller.

The stroller comes with a lightweight aluminum frame which makes it easy to carry. It also offers a one hand fold and it is pretty easy to collapse the frame. The automatic chassis lock the stroller and makes it a compact thing to stuff into a trunk and carry when traveling.
Coming to performance, this stroller speaks for its quality. It maneuvers smoothly even with one hand owing to the handle bar, making your other hand free. It has a 3-wheel structure, and the wheels have a lockable swivel for challenging terrains. This isn’t an all-terrain stroller to be specific but the front double wheels and swivel lock make it possible.

The canopy on the B-Agile is really big and provides excellent cover from the sun. There’s also a large peek-a-boo which lets you keep an eye on your little angel, and provides more ventilation. The canopy on the B-Safe is also top notch. When traveling on the stroller with both the canopies drawn over, it overlaps providing complete protection to your little guy/gal. The stroller offers fairly decent storage. It has a medium sized basket with elastic sides and you can fit in a diaper bag easily.

Britax B-Agile B-Safe stroller operates on a safety-first philosophy. It is also lightweight and performs well in all aspects. It is priced higher than the other strollers out there but the look and feel of the material and its built quality and features totally meets your expectation from this price range.


✅ SafeCell Impact Protection system which is a no-compromise build for the safety of the baby.
✅ One click install of the infant car seat and easy transfer back to the stroller.
✅ Lightweight, easy to fold, or carry.
✅ Good maneuverability and smooth performance even on rough terrains.


❌ The infant car seat is a bit narrow, keeping with the shock protection pads.



5. Graco Aire3 Click Connect Travel System, Gotham

Graco Aire3 Click Connect Travel System, Gotham


Graco’s reputation as a leading manufacturer of baby products and the performance and utility of their strollers make us include more than one product from their range into this list, and the Aire3 Click Connect is no different. In fact it has some added advantage over the previous one Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect because it is lighter – 22 pounds whereas the Fastaction is around 30 pounds, and this one comes with an additional car seat which is totally compatible with the stroller.

To be more specific, this comes with 3 items – the infant car seat, the base and the stroller. It is pretty easy to set right out of the box. There is no confusing nuts or screws and the whole thing just clicks and connects.

The stroller comes with Graco SungRide Click Connect 35 Infant Car Seat. The whole system features a really compact design and manages to offer one step fold making it really easy to carry around or store. The car seat supports a baby up to 35 pounds whereas the stroller can support up to 50. It features a 5 point harness that can safely hold your baby without making him/her uncomfortable at all. It also offers some really good reclining option which is customizable to your tiny one’s favorite angle with the strap attached to the back of the stroller seat.

Coming to the performance, the 3-wheel system offers a smooth ride for the young rider. The front wheel is equipped with a brake that helps to move in rugged areas, on grasses or stones. The rear wheel is also equipped with a safety lock which keeps the stroller from moving.

The stroller comes with decent storage option featuring a basket which can hold up to 10 pounds. You can easily store some baby essentials in it. It also features a great canopy which is large and can enclose the whole area on top of the stroller. Added to that is the mesh window for peek-a-boo which help you keep an eye on the baby.

The Aire3 Click Connect is a great travel system stroller and offers comfort and quality coupled with some smooth performance. If you were using a generic stroller before, this is something you’d want to upgrade to.


✅ Great built, sturdy yet lightweight stroller- Comfortable and safe with the customizable reclining option and 5 point harness.
✅ Comes with a fully compatible infant car seat.
✅ Good storage option
✅ Maneuverability is great with added locks for rough terrains


❌ None


6. Evenflo Vive Travel System with Embrace, Spearmint Spree

Evenflo Vive Travel System with Embrace, Spearmint Spree


With Vive Travel System with Embrace, Evenflo offers a seamless travel stroller in a really attractive price point. The stroller made largely out of hard polyester features 4x double 4.13 inch thick EVA wheels and can support a baby up to 50 pounds. It also comes with Embrace infant car seat which provides a seamless transition from the car to the stroller.

The seat has sufficient padding for the comfort of your child. The canopy is great, with full sun visor and a peek-a-boo window. It also comes with a usual multi point reclining seat and offers a cozy ride. You also get a multipoint harness. Evenflo is an age old company started as early as 1920, they’ve managed to keep up their reputation and safety isn’t a concern in their baby products. The Evenflo Vive too is tested twice with Federal Crash Test Standard. The material makes the stroller rather heavy weighing around 30 pounds, but it is made to last for years of continuous usage.

The car seat is decent, rather a big large. It also doesn’t offer a click on connecting. However, it attaches safely without an issue. The product overall is pretty slim though. It also folds and unfolds quickly and is easy to pack when you’re traveling. The stroller itself offers a lot of storage when in use.

Coming to performance, the EVA double wheels offer a good balance. The front wheels also come with shock absorbing features and you can easily maneuver the stroller.

Overall, it offers a great value for money, packing great features, sufficient safety and cozy rides for your little one.


✅  Great value for money
✅  Shock absorbing EVA wheels, supports larger babies too.
✅  Comes with infant car seat and stroller which is easily transferable
✅  Large canopy with peek-a-boo


❌ The padding could be better, not really at par with high-end products
❌ Not lightweight



7. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System, Phantom

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System, Phantom


Searching for Baby Trend Expedition Jogger will return two identical search results – one travel system and one stroller that sells separately. The one we’re reviewing here is the travel system. It consists of an infant car seat, which you can also use as a baby carrier, a solid car base and of course a sturdy stroller.

Coming to the car seat first, this is a great lightweight car seat which is equipped with a 5 point harness (with an emergency release option) and can support a baby up to 30 pounds. The specialty of the car seat is that it can be rendered both front and rear facing. This comes with a latch that can be easily installed and is equipped with EPS energy absorbing foam that provides superior side impact protection. The head support is also quite soft and the pads on the seat are really comfortable. The car seat also has adjustable base height. It features an EZ Flex-Loc base.
The stroller, on the other hand, is an all-terrain stroller and can give the little rider a smooth ride even on challenging surfaces like grass, cracked sidewalks, or graveled paths. It accepts the baby car seat without any issues and has a multi-point recline. Moreover, the stroller comes with large tires similar to a bicycle, which ensures that you’ll get some great maneuverability with this one. The front swivel wheel can be unlocked for that purpose while you can lock it when you’re jogging. The rear wheels also come with locks that can be placed to refrain the stroller getting away from you accidentally.

The stroller comes with a large storage basket under the seat, which can be used to store all the baby essentials. The canopy is great – it is quite large, and covers a large area to protect the baby from sunlight with the sun proof ratchets. It can also be rolled up when not in use and there’s a peek-a-boo too.

It is also quite compact when you fold it, which makes it easy to carry. The single-click folding is another advantage of this travel system, this makes your life easier.

This is certainly one of the best travel system strollers at this price range. It is lightweight but safe & sturdy at the same time. The bicycle-like tires are great for moving around in all terrains and the locks make it a great stroller for everyday use as well as joggers.


✅ Great value for money- Comes with complimentary car seat which is of a great quality with EPS shock absorbing foams and EZ Flex-Loc base.- The stroller has 5-point harness and is safe.
✅ Comes with a great set of tires for all-terrains.


❌ The stroller supports a maximum of 30 pounds which could be a bit more.


8. Graco Fast Action Fold Click Connect Travel System, Affinia 2015

Graco FastAction Fold Click Connect Travel System, Affinia 2015


Although Graco has released many new travel systems after this, we’ve decided to include the Affinia 2015 model of the Fast Action Click Connect here on our list. This is because it still offers a complete travel system solution for your baby. Moreover, because this model is a bit old, it sells on Amazon at an attractive price point and has received numerous 5-star reviews over the last year.

The Fast Action Fold stroller is coupled with the Graco Snug Ride Click Connect 30 infant car seat with the stay-in car base.

Coming to the stroller first, it has remained one of the favorites of new mommies because of the one-second fold option it offers. You just have to pull on the red strap on the stroller seat and it folds itself in one second. Moms can do this even while holding the baby on the other hand.

The stroller weighs only 22 pounds without the car seat, which makes it pretty lightweight. But the built is still sturdy in case you’re wondering. This obviously adds up to the great portability it offers. Once folded it becomes a compact stroller and you can easily carry it around when you’re traveling.

The stroller can carry a baby up to 50 pounds, which is great considering the price range. It also offers decent maneuverability with the 4x double wheels, with the suspension on the front swivel wheels and locks for the rear ones. The rides would be smooth with this one. It also features usual storage space, parent’s tray, and cup holders.

Getting on with the infant car seat, it is well padded and comfortable. It features multi-position recline, and you can select the position you think is the most comfortable for your little love. It can also lie flat for the baby’s nap time.

As a whole, this can be your go-to travel system stroller. It offers all essential features in a budget segment and the one hand fold has kept it one of the best travel system stroller long after its release.


✅ All essential features within budget
✅ Infant car seat with one click attach or transfer to stroller
✅ Lightweight but sturdy, supports up to 50 pounds for long term usage.
✅ Double wheels with all essential locks, offers great maneuverability


❌  Not the best material used in the seat.
❌  The canopy is basic, not that great.




Final Words

Buying something for infants is always pretty difficult. This is because they’ll not be able to communicate the problems if there’s one and as new parents, you’ll have to decipher that yourself. This is the reason why we’ve made the above list after carefully studying all the reviews by other parents on all the products. This helped us learn the pros and cons of a product in retrospect.

We also, more often than not, tend to go for the best available option there is in the market when it concerns our child. But there might also be constraints of the budget. Afterall, having a child isn’t easy at all for the parents. We’ve made this list keeping that in mind too and tried to include the best travel system stroller of both high-end and budget ranges. We hope you’ll find your best option from the list.In case you think we’ve missed out on a great option, let us know.

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