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Evenflo Vive Travel System with Embrace, Spearmint Spree

Evenflo Vive travel system with Embrace is a product for your long walks and enjoyable family vacations with your new born baby.  This travel system being ultra slim 16” folds and unfolds very easily into any vehicle of small or big size.  The quality of the product is fantastic as well. Both the car seat and the stroller are relatively light weight, thus making it convenient to be moved around .The 4 point, 13” thick EVA wheels and the shock absorbing feature of the front wheel provides increased stability, security, safety and comfort for your baby. The Embrace Infant Car Seat, for an extended weight rating (4-35pound) is paired along with this product.

Evenflo Vive Travel System with Embrace, comes in two other classy colors apart from spearmint Spree-

  • Daphne
  • Hayden Dot


  • The Travel system keeps your little one protected from the heat and wind with a large canopy, full sun visor.
  • It is also customized with a peek-a-boo- window so that parents can keep monitoring their kid while on a go.
  • The car seat is easy to move from stroller to car and it is thus a hassle free procedure.
  • Make on-the-go moments enjoyable with the ultra slim 16 inch fold – a perfect fit for wherever you are going.
  • This product for your kid allows you to customize your Vive Travel System, allowing your little one to rest in comfort with multiple reclining positions which can be set according to your wish
  • The 3 to 5 point harness keeps your baby safe.
  • The stroller is strong, but surprisingly not so heavy as it seems to be and can be easily be collapsed and stored.
  • The Vive Travel System provides you with your own personal space – 2 cup holders to hold your refreshment, water or coke while you take long walks by the park, the foot walks or are on a vacation with your family.
  • It also has a cell phone compartment to keep your keys as well as other essentials.
  • The full storage basket is basically designed for you to shop around while your baby stays in front of your eyes as well.


  • Evenflo Vive travel system with embrace is a great travel system apart from the fact that it doesn’t lock shut, and sometimes rolls open while trying to store.
  • Car seat canopy is not removable which makes cleaning and disinfecting the canopy a very tough task, as finding a mess around is a frequent issue with a toddler.
  • Some users even find the adjustable handle to be not too sturdy. It moves even after the handle gets locked in a position.
  • There are minor latching difficulties with the car seat as well

Customer Reviews:

Evenflo Vive travel system with embrace is a product which is easy to assemble and doesn’t need much mastery of tools, even the car seat attaches easily and securely. The stroller folds down very easily. The users like the pretty Spearmint spree color of this product very much. Customers are amazed by the compact and light weight structure of the stroller. New mommies love the stroller especially because it uses a harness which ensures more safety instead of just a waist strap which is old school and not so reliable as well. The stroller gets around very easy and doesn’t need much stress or hard work from the parent to fold or unfold.
The new mummys who become health-conscious in their post pregnancy period love to take their babies on long walks with them. They are even happier about the cup holders where they can easily place their health drinks and some water as well. It also has a phone compartment for keeping your cell phone or keys and sometimes some other essentials as well. The storage below the stroller is enough for holding your shopping bags, baby carrier, diapers, some grocery or your jackets.
New mummys find this product very useful while travelling with their babies. They also find the car seats very easy to carry, and it is very easy to collapse and doesn’t take up much space.
Customers also find it to be a very cost effective gift to be given on baby showers or on post delivery parties as they get two at a price of just $127 along with such great qualities!

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