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Graco Aire3 Click Connect Travel System, Gotham

This product is fun and also provides peace of mind to the parents because of its convertible three- or five-point harness so that one can secure their child easily and stroll around. The parent’s tray as well as the child’s tray with built in cup holder is very easily removable so that it’s not a hassle to get your baby in and out of the stroller. The Aire3 gives your child a smooth ride in any terrain.
Graco Aire3 Click Connect Travel System is available in two exclusive colors-
  • Gotham
  • Pierce
  • The Graco Aire3 Click Connect stroller is designed as such that parents can fold it easily with one hand. The carrying strap of the product makes it even more convenient for carrying.
  • The stroller is so light-weight that it makes carrying around the stroller very easy
  • The Aire 3 Click Connect is a three wheel travel system stroller which is very cool.
  • When folded the stroller automatically locks it, and doesn’t fall when stranded upright and is thus very convenient to store and transfer.
  • This product weighs just around 22lbs and is thus very easy to carry around.
  • The stroller is compatibly designed for your child’s comfort, so that your baby stays comfortable even when you are busy doing your work, walking around or just shopping around.
  • Graco Aire3 Click Connect Travel System, has multi-position seat that reclines flat and it even creates an infant carriage when reclined in a certain angle
  • It is a parent essential stroller which sees to the comfort of the parent carrying the baby for long hours. There is a parent’s tray with two cup holders to store refreshments while on the go.
  • The zippered storage pouch helps one store some essential items such as phone and keys.
  • Graco Aire3 Click Connect Travel System has an extra large basket that allows moms to store shopping bags, baby essentials and some grocery as well.
  • The Aire3 Click Connect Stroller provides maximum coverage for your child, the extra large canopy with the zippered extension panel being an added advantage which is adjustable under various strolling conditions.
  • The travel system allows the stroller to be used in any terrain.
  • The click connect system is something that parents looks for in each and every stroller they look out for and this allows you to connect your infant car seat to the stroller travel system in just one easy step and you’ll hear it securely click in. The clicking sound is a very faint noise but assures the parent that the car seat has been installed correctly in the stroller.
  • Attaching the car seat to the stroller is a difficult task sometimes.
  • While attaching the car seat to the stroller, it clicks only in front and not the side.

Customer Reviews:

Graco Aire3 Click Connect Travel System is a product so liked by all! The need for a pram gets eliminated when u can get all in one with this Grace Aire3 Click Connect Travel System.
The weight is great for a full-sized stroller, which has so much strength and doesn’t weigh much. Some people are bias towards Graco and that’s only because Graco never really disappoints them.
The stroller being compact is very beneficial to the new mums.
The ease with which this stroller can be folded and unfolded is just amazing it also fits in small spaces very well. The Aire3 stroller also has 2 cup holders to hold your coke or refreshment drinks along with a zipper pouch for keeping your cell phone or keys. The storage below the stroller is enough for holding your shopping bags, baby carrier or your jackets.  This stroller is loved by many because of it having two wheels in the middle of the front of the stroller unlike other square design ones.
This stroller can also be jogged with without any issues. Customers say that the material of the stroller is very easy to wipe clean if messed or spilled around by your little one.
The material also so well balanced that it doesn’t heat up the stroller and thus doesn’t make your baby uncomfortable.  Folding and unfolding the stroller is just so easy for anyone. Customers in their reviews suggest this stroller too often to other future moms.

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